My Captured Moment, The Birthday Boys

When I found out I was expecting Jack I was so excited, our first baby. And I determined our first baby would be textbook and arrive bang on his due date the 10th of October 2000. I remember breaking the wonderful news to our parents and Chris’s dad announcing the baby would wait to his birthday the 22nd October. I was mortified I couldn’t wait an extra 12 days to see our new baby.

Jack P

But sure enough in Jacks very laid back lazy style he waited 12 days, and even after being induced on the 10th the little monkey still held on to the 22nd. And has made us wait ever since, he was always the last out of school, the last out of bed in the mornings, the last out of the door when we go on holiday. I almost thing Jack loves to make an entrance.


And although I wasn’t impressed in the year 2000 I now think it is fab that he shares his birthday with his granddad. I have dug out these two birthday cake snaps of the terrible two sharing their birthday cake, the funny thing is that Jack is now taller than his granddad now but they still have that special bond that 12 long boring days formed between them when the pair of them made Chris and I wait. I just didn’t realise of that day that it wa

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