My Weekly Round-Up, And Feeling Inspired

Another weekly round-up and I am feeling Inspired After a busy couple of weeks and lots of reflecting I have I think decided to chill out and go with the flow, we are always so busy which we love. I know that if life slowed down we would be climbing the walls.

My Word Of The Week

My word can only be inspired, after an incredible BritMums weekend. It was so great to see so many lovely bloggers, have endless chats about blogging and attend all those fantastic sessions, I learnt so much it blew my mind.

word weekIn fact at one point I was feeling a little overwhelmed like I wanted to run and hide. Its weird I always seem to go through that stage at blogging events, yet once I have digested it I feel inspired and ready to implement all I have learnt.

Fun At Home

Well, I am hoping for a little chill time at home this weekend it has been an exciting whirlwind two weeks that has meant none of us has been at home much. Tomorrow I am hoping for a nice Sunday walk, maybe a glass of wine in a country pub.

Time For Me

I have really seriously re considered my blogging aims; I think I have known that deep down for a while. I know I want my blog to keep its heart and I want to continue loving it, loving what I write, enjoy blogging and the blogging journey. That is my priority; it makes me happy this way so I am not pushing it. What will be will be, but happiness had to be the key focus, not stats and figures.

I feel like I have gone through a dark tunnel and come through the other side, a few simple choices have made me feel less under pressure. Of course I will still follow starts and charts I would be lying if I said I didn’t care, I do. But I blog to enjoy it that is the key. The rest is a bonus, live life and be happy, make memories and have fun.

My Happiest Moment

Seeing Joe cantering on a horse alone, he had an incident that knocked his confidence so he wouldn’t canter without a helper, he got over that this week and did it alone and he looked incredible. I felt so proud of him.

Joe With his riding rosettes

Next Week I would Like Too

I am off on a Me Time trip with the lovely Karen from Mini Travellers to the incredible Thornton Hall Spa. A whole day of pampering, girly chat and then a lovely meal, I can’t wait. I also need to start getting packing for our hols we go in a month and it takes me ages so I am going to start that this weekend, we have a busy exciting couple of months ahead.

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