My Weekly Round Up

There can only be only word this week, and that is excited, so much has gone on and there is so much in the horizon to be excited about. So here goes with my round up of the week, but this week lots of looking forward as well as looking back.


Fun at Home 

Well, not much has gone on a home really, after Joe’s accident we had a chill out weekend, we didn’t go out, as his eye was not only sore but looked horrific. He was a little self-conscious about it, so stayed home watched movies and snuggled. I am glad to say although it is still quite bruised it is looking 100% better than it was.

Time For Me

This week has been all about getting my students finished they only have next week then they are set free into industry, off to university and employment. I have been mega busy with that, but I must say this time of the year has such an exciting buzz, knowing that in a week’s time another group of students have left us qualified and starting their careers. It makes me feel so proud.

But I did get a little time yesterday; the weather was gorgeous so I decided to blog from a beanbag in the garden. It was so peaceful out there, with a gentle breeze in the air. The problem with gentle breezes is that you don’t feel the burn of the sun.

  I am obsessive with the boys and sun cream, I really should practice what I preach as I am looking a bit like lobster woman today eeek, a valuable lesson learnt. Blogging in the sun is fabulous but I still need sun cream.

My Happiest Moment

This has to be telling the boys that after our Big Disney Adventure we are going to Beaches Turk & Caicos for a couple of nights, they were so excited, I can’t wait for our holiday it is going to be such an amazing 2 weeks. We have so many exciting things planned. We will make so many happy memories.


Next Week I Would Like To 

It’s a mega busy week ahead, tomorrow we are off the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and the boys love the Pleasure Beach. We only started visiting 2 or 3 years ago after its facelift, and love it, so a fun day ahead of us.

Then I am off to London for City Fair 2015, I am a little apprehensive about this one as it is the first event of its kind I have been too, but also quite excited.


Arghhh it is BritMums next week, I am so excited there will be so much to learn and so many lovely bloggers to meet up with. This is my second BritMums trip and if it is as great as last year it will be amazing.


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