My Weekly Round Up, What A Week

What a week? I will be honest I still have to keep pinching myself, blogging is incredible, I am so thankful I started my little hobby, that turned into an obsession, that keeps me up till midnight. It has brought so many friends and amazing opportunities our way.

Out & About

On Sunday we went to watch Jack play football with his team, whilst he was pre match training, Chris, Joe and I took Toby for a walk in the park. It was a lovely sunny day and nice to get out for a walk. Jack had a great match and scored 2 goals so was very pleased with himself, it was lovely to see him so proud of himself.


Fun At Home

On Sunday once we got home from football we enjoyed a lovely family dinner and chilled out whilst watching a movie, not something we get to do that often. I love it when we all snuggle up and chill out together. Although if I am honest I don’t think Chris has ever seen the end of a movie in his life, he is terrible, always fall asleep half way through!

Time For Me

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the fantastic blog camp, and what a day it didn’t disappoint. It was fantastic to meet up with other bloggers and some great friends and spend a day chatting about all things blogging.


My Happiest Moment

Oh my this is a no brainer, on Tuesday the shortlist was announced for the BiB awards. I didn’t even check the results as I didn’t think I had a chance. Then at lunch time when I got to my desk a notification flashed up on my phone, from the lovely Lucy at Mr H Favourite Things to say I had been shortlisted.

Well, my reaction was not very dignified ha ha, I screamed, nearly gave everyone in the staff room a heart attack. I was shaking trying to get the results up, I could get my words out, everyone in the staff room stood round me whilst I checked the results, and congratulated me. It was such an amazing moment and a feeling I will never forget.

I still have a way to go to get to the final 5, but do you know what? the line up is incredible, I am amongst some amazing bloggers who I love, the competition is tough. I am actually overwhelmed, and very honoured to be amongst them. Check out the link below to see the line up and vote for your favourites.


Next Week I would Love Too

Today I am spending the day a BlogOn Mosi, another blogging event. I am so excited. I love blog events, learning as much as I can, meeting and chatting with bloggers and brands. Hearing inspirational stories, and getting tips and hints on improving my blogging. Today I am really looking forward to the photography session as this is an area I really want to improve.

This Week I loved

My lovely friend Bonita managed to get hold of a couple of copies of Mollie Makes, Blogging special edition. This magazine is like gold dust, so thank you so much Bonnie for clearing your local news agents shelf, to allow me to be one of the lucky owners of this great magazine. It has some fantastic tips and hints.