50 Iconic Childhood Memories, 70s and 80s

I have been tagged by the beautiful Kat from Beau Twins Blog to take part in the 50 Iconic childhood memories, and I could wait to take part. Although mine is a little earlier, 1970s to 80s. but I just love taking a little ol trip down memory lane ad there are so many gems from the 70s,80s that I will struggle to narrow it down.

So her is my ultimate icons from the 70s and 80s.

1. Roller Bootsroller boots

2. Care Bears

3. Sindy

4. Tom Hanks, Big

5. Karate Kid

6. Chopper Bikes

7. Playing out

8. Thriller Album

thriller10. Bucks Fizz, the land of make-believe

11. Mr Frosty

12.  The Gremlins

13.  Cream soda and Ice Cream

14.  Angel Delight

15.  Record Players

16.  Recording the charts on a Sunday night, but pausing it during the talking

17. Mr. Benn

mrs ben pin

18.  Mork N Mindy

19.  Cagney and Lacey

20.  9 to 5

21. Charlie perfume

22. Wham


23. Wham bars

24. Tiny Tears

25.  Ker Plunk

26.  Dallas

27.  Disney Hour

28.  Grease


29. Grange Hill

30. Opal Fruits

31. Whisper Bars

32. The Goonies


33. Beverly Hills Cops

34. Video’s

35. Cassettes

36. Speak and Spellspeak

37. Commodore 64

38. Lady Diana

royal wedding

39. Madonna

40. The Lost Boys

41. Le Clic Camera

42. Apple Macs

43. Video shops

44. Sony Walkman

45. Pepsi and Shirley

46. Spandau Ballet

47. Perms

48. Crimpers

49. Scruchies

50. Sherbet Dib Dabs


So there it is my 50 Iconic Childhood Memories from the 70s and 80s. This list has taken me right back to lovely long hot summer days of the 70’s and 80’s when playing out was safe, and the sun always seemed to shine.

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