A Lovely Family Lunch At, Bella Italia, Didsbury

Last week we were invited to Bella Italia for lunch, now we are a family that loves eating out, it’s a chance to get your family together with no social media, Xbox, phones ringing or any other distraction. Eating out with them is almost like having a captive audience.


We visited the Didsbury restaurant, part of the Parrs wood leisure complex. Now I hadn’t been to Parrs wood but it really is fantastic, and has everything you need for a family afternoon, restaurants, cinema, gym and bowling.

IMG_7013We were greeted by Graham who showed us to our seats. The Boys were thrilled to have a booth; funny this can make of break a meal for the Christie boys. If there are booths available then they want to sit in one.

IMG_7041Graham spent a little time explaining the menu; I had pre warned them that Jack is diabetic and he spent some time explaining portion sizes etc. This is always a great help as, once we know portion sizes Jack can sort his injections and we can relax, so Thank you Graham.

IMG_7024We then met our waitress Audrey, who immediately brought out bread sticks for the boys, which kept them happy whilst they decided what to choose from the menu. We ordered drinks, which came quickly; Joe was thrilled that his came in a jar with a curly straw, which Audrey told him he could take home.

IMG_7051Once we had decided (which took me ages, I love Italian food and there were so many nice options) Our starters came fairly swiftly but then we had appropriate intervals between each course. There is nothing worse than courses coming to quickly or indeed having huge gaps of time and the kids getting fed up. On this score Bella Italia got it so right.

IMG_7040The boys loved the choice at the Gelato stand, and the fact that they could have chocolate covered popping candy made their day. The choice was extensive and reminded me of a Gelato shop we love to visit in Italy, it felt so authentic.

The decor was cool and contemporary and felt so Italian, we spent some time looking at pictures on the wall reminiscing over family trips to Italy, which I might add has made us all want to go back soon.

IMG_7032We loved Bella Italia, I can not fault the service Audrey and Graham were fantastic, the food was great and the atmosphere, well, so good it has made us want to revisit beautiful Italy.

It’s the little things that matter when eating out as family, and when the boys are happy it’s a chilled enjoyable experience for us. Bella Italia certainly ticked all the boxes for a great family lunch.

This post was created in collaboration with the lovely people from Bella Italia, but the opinions are our own.