50 Things That Make Me Happy

Thank you to the Beautiful Kat from Beau Twins and Lisa from Into The Glade for tagging me in 50 things that make me happy. What a lovely thing to do, at first I thought wow that’s a big list, even though I am a positive person.  But once I started and got on a roll I could have gone to 100 if not 200. I have so enjoyed this so thank you so much for tagging me lovely ladies.

50 things

  1. My Lovely Husband
  2. My Wonderful Children
  3. Our Lovely Families
  4. My Beautiful Toby
  5. My Fab Friends
  6. My God-Children
  7. Our Home
  8. Lancashire Countryside
  9. Family Dinners
  10. Family Walks
  11. Watching Our Boys Grow
  12. Travelling
  13. Family Holidays
  14. Family Days Out
  15. Walks with Toby (On our own, peaceful)
  16. Nature
  17. Summer
  18. Winter
  19. Sunsets
  20. Snow
  21. Sun
  22. Laughter
  23. All things Disney
  24. Cruising
  25. The Sea
  26. My Garden in the Summer
  27. Going to bed at the end of the Day
  28. Blogging
  29. Getting My Hair Done
  30. Christmas
  31. Birthdays
  32. Michael Buble’
  33. Perfume
  34. Cosmetics of all Kinds
  35. My Students
  36. Music
  37. London
  38. Stratford-Upon-Avon
  39. Barcelona
  40. Rome
  41. Las Vegas
  42. New York
  43. Reading
  44. Wine
  45. Going for Meals
  46. Harry Potter
  47. Flying
  48. Beautiful Views
  49. Stationary
  50. The Caribbean

There is so much to be thankful for and feel lucky about, and the fact that I could have carried on writing for ages also makes me realise how incredibly lucky I am. If you would like to play along I would like to tag the lovely Tor from the fab Tea Cup Toria Blog.

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