Striking Mums, Which Movie Mum am I?

Wow the question this week for striking Mum’s is tough; the lovely Kate has asked what film characters inspire you? And which ones do you think you look like?

I am going with question no 1 as I can’t think whom on earth I would compare myself to looks wise. So, inspiring film Mum’s, hmmmm.

The film  Mum that I can really relate to is Susan Hefley played by Rachael Harris, in the wonderful Dairy of a Wimpy Kid.


I can so relate to Susan and how she is constantly trying to encourage her boys to get along, and how she puts up with the constant bickering of siblings. Greg and Roderick have a similar age gap as Jack and Joe, and some days I feel her pain ha ha.

diary-of-a-wimpy-kid-8-books-set-collection-pack-series-33180-pThat’s normal family life isn’t it, siblings are incredible aren’t they, love each other to the ends of the earth yet one says white then the other will categorically say black.

She is a supportive Mum that’s also has her own life outside her children yes puts her family first and loves family time, and getting them all together for family activities.

I can also relate to the fact that her boys say she is embarrassing, you see mine say I am too, yet like Susan I feel actually I am an incredibly cool Mum. My two just don’t appreciate my coolness ha ha.

Its weird isn’t it, your Mum style is a little like your learning style, or blogging style. It evolves. And I am totally not the Mum I thought I would be. I mean that in positive way, but I am a lot less pushy than I thought I would be, and like the boys to make their own decisions to a certain point. I like them to make the right choice in life and they can only do this if given choice.

Dictatorship in my humble opinion may get immediate results but is it good long-term? I used to know a girl who had zero tolerance on sweets and juice, her children were just not allowed it, to the point that she was neurotic when out in public in case a trace of sugar crossed their lips. Yet as they grew older and had freedom away from her they gorged on sugar. Her sentiment although very well intended had quite the opposite effect.

Who knows if I am getting it right, I might be getting it all so wrong? All I can do is hope that growing up in democratic household, of course with boundaries. But also with choices and consequences for outcomes, will shape the boys into well-rounded young men.