My Bathroom Wish List

We have been living in our home for nearly 5 years now. When we moved in it had been totally renovated, but just not at all to our taste. However we had been trying to get this house for years, and had been gazumped 3 times.


All that we saw was the rolling hills and what at the time seemed like a huge garden for the boys to grow up in. We never saw the stairs that were so steep that they were dangerous and needed changing immediately, the dodgy paintwork, and the minor things that needed changing in the garden that turned into a money pit, but hey love is blind isn’t it?


I still wake up every morning and feel such love for our family home, our little house in the country. Yet we still have work to do. And one of those rooms is the bathroom, I shouldn’t moan, it is clean and modern(ish), but I hate the fittings and tiles, I would never have chosen them. So we have made the decision, next year we are changing it.

moods-tarragon-bathroom-suite-categoryI thought I would help Chris along the way and start planning for him, build him a little shopping  wish list and I will be honest it all started very well. I started with a budget and visited Bella Bathrooms to look at their range, and actually I could have fitted easily within the budget, I had chosen some beautiful options. But then I saw it; the Camden freestanding bath, and wow, I must have this bath, so actually budget, what budget? That was only a guide wasn’t it?

You see I am a bath kind of girl. Give me spare hour and the option of a shower or a bath, and it’s a bath good book, candle and glass of wine every time. This is my problem in life, it’s that old love at first sight thing again, no other bath is ever going to do now.

Bathroom designSo Chris, here is your little list for the new bathroom,

1. HiB Aaron Led mirror

2. Frontline Ixos mono basin mixer

3. Hudson Reed gloss cabinet

4. Moods Camden freestanding bath

5. Frontline Ixos freestanding mixer tap

6. Premier semi back to wall toilet

I have set you a plan as you can see, and yes I have considered the eaves and velux window and my beautiful new bath will fit. I have measured it and saved you all the stress and hard work, now all you have to do it fit it. That’s the easy bit. xx