Little Passports, World Edition

When I got the opportunity to review the Little Passports Monthly Subscription I jumped at the chance. I knew Joe would love this, he is so into travel and geography. Kids have such a thirst for knowledge don’t they? He seems to have my love for travelling and the world.


I will be honest, although the Little Passport set is very cute and the case is very well made,  I had my doubts about the value for money at the cost of £10.00 per month. You see I have purchased magazine subscriptions and such like before and the boys haven’t even looked at them.

Yet little passports pleasantly surprise me. Joe couldn’t wait to get started on the activities and was soon telling us how to say hello in several languages. In no time at all he had the map of the world secured onto his bedroom wall and was testing us on capitals and continents of the world. On its own the case and contents have kept Joe happy for quite some time. He has loved reading all the information, and had genuinely learnt lots about the world.

IMG_6429We have also logged onto the website, little passports gives you a boarding pass with a unique code to allow you to access content on the website and this was fantastic, it has several mini quizzes which tested Joe’s knowledge based on what he has learnt from his Little Passport pack. Joe spent quite some time on the quizzes, which allowed him to have a few attempts to ensure he got all the questions correct.

IMG_6430In all we loved our first instalment of little passports; Joe has had many hours of fun with it and learnt lots about the world, capital cities, continents, animals and language.  We are looking forward to our next instalment, and what he will learn next. This is a great educational subscription disguised as a fun activity that Joe loved.


See my short video bellow which shows us unboxing our first ever little passports, check out the lovely box it came in, which all added to the experience and made it a little more special.