Let Me Tell You About Napster

Napster is a service we have used for about 3 years now, yet not something I have shared on my blog. Why? I have no idea because it is just the best thing ever. And if you have teens it saves you a small fortune. napster-logo_1498346c

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It is a music streaming service, which quite honestly as a family I don’t think we could live without. It is available as a mobile and desktop version with two price plans Napster unlimited at £5 per month and Napster unlimited plus mobile at £10 per month. We have the mobile plus plan, which is just perfect for our family.

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Features of the plan we have chosen are:

You can log in on a pc wherever you are; it is great to have access to music at my desk at work.

Unlimited download and streaming of a huge catalogue of tracks and albums, these are generally available on release dates, which is fab as you always have access to the latest music.

With the mobile plan you can register 3 devices to download to, now this is fantastic, as once downloaded to your device you do not need Wi-Fi to play music. Great for when you are travelling.

I can play downloaded tracks though my music system in my car; I love this as it keeps the boys busy on long journeys choosing tracks to play.

You are able to set playlists and favourites on you account homepage to keep all your music in one place. This is available to view via your pc or mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.10.58We are able to connect Napster to our Sonos app so can stream throughout our music system at home.

Napster always has an updated list of the most popular hits; this is a favourite in the Christie household. There is also suggested playlists to suit every taste, lifestyle choice, even seasons and events and artist radio with all your favourite artists tracks.

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So is it worth the £10.00 per month subscription fee, for us 100% yes. The boys are music mad and download new albums every month; they also always have the top tracks downloaded to their devices. Through Napster they have access to all the latest music and I can rest assured they are streaming from the Internet responsibly. The one thing I do insist is they do all their downloading at home via Wi-Fi, rather than on their mobile plans. But for us it is now a service we could not do without.