Happy Days, All You Need is Love

Another week has flown by and thank goodness by the end of the week it started to feel a tiny bit warmer, there has even been some sunshine. It always makes you feel better doesn’t it? I am longing for summer and long warm summers evenings. I love winter, particularity the festive season, but honestly I am all wintered out.

This is how my Happy Days week has gone.  ??????

Out & About

Apart from my daily walks with Toby, I haven’t really got out this week. It has felt a little all work and no play. So note for ones-self make time to chill. I think I need a little spa day or girls shopping day to chill. But I suppose life can’t be all days out, lunches and holidays. Although wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was?

Thankfully the lovely people from Spatone have sent me some liquid iron, and vitamin c supplements to try out. I am hoping these will give me the energy I need to make to spring and all that beautiful sunshine. I hate the way your skin feels at this time of year, sort of sallow and in need of sun, so vitamins may do the trick.

Fun at Home

Last weekend although we had a chill weekend, I had lots to catch up on at home, I do feel so much happier when I am organised. I love the fact that all the spring flowers are starting to grow and having those around the house is so lovely.

I have also managed the help of Jack to make my first ever screen shot vlog, I am quite pleased with it. But the voiceover was a little stressful as every time I got it right, either Toby started barking or crying, Jack made a noise of the boiler made a noise. I got it almost right in the end, but there is one point where my voice cracks but after god only knows how many attempts, I decided this would be the one. Note to self; next time I do a voiceover, do it when no one is home and turn off the heating.

Time For Me

Last Saturday afternoon one of my closest friends Ruth bobbed round for a coffee, all the boys were out at football so it was a lovely opportunity to have a girly catch up. We never quite made it to the kettle and shared a couple of bottles of wine, Ruth went home 5 hours later ooops, but spontaneous afternoons like that are lovely aren’t they.

My Happiest Moment

Last night Joe told me he loved me more than I could ever possibly love him, how sweet. It’s so lovely when your children tell you they love you isn’t it. That feeling is the most incredible feeling ever.

Next Week I Would Like Too….

We are visiting the very beautiful Aldwark Manor Golf and Spa Hotel as part of our Q journey. I am so excited this is the first country resort we will have visited and it looks stunning. I have already had a little contact with the hotel and they seem as lovely as the people from the Midland and Queens, yet I feel this is going to be a little different.

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