The Denby Fairy

I would like to introduce you to my beautiful Denby Jet dinner set. I love it. I have had this dinner set for 10 years. Beautiful isn’t it, and as I emptied the dishwasher the other day; carefully. Although I seem to be the only one in the house that empties the dishwasher carefully. I realised that in fact I am conning myself. This Dinner set is not 10 years old. My dinner service is exactly like Triggers broom.


I am always proudly telling people its has lasted well, I mean its such great quality. And so beautiful, ageless, it still looks great and fits in with the style of our home, yet that has had many makeovers in that time.

So I decided to work out if in fact any of the pieces are original, and it seems that in truth not one piece of my beautiful dining set is an original but all descendants of the original Denby Jet set. I started out with an 8 piece dinning set and in that time have also purchased,

10 extra small bowls,

8 Plates,

8 Large bowls (I need 8 more),

16 small side plates,

8 side plates.


And don’t even talk to me about the glasses; there was 12, all gone, every single one of them! arghhh.

So why ? I will tell you why, there are no gentle ballerina’s in the Christie household just 3 heavy-handed Henrys’. I don’t often notice a bowl or plate getting smashed sometimes. It just disappears of the face of the earth, like its packed its bags and left home. No one ever seems to witness these events. They just happen.

Sometimes I find a broken glass on the kitchen windowsill, all ready to be put in the recycling, yet no-one knows how on earth it got there.

These event have all been put down to one culprit; the glass fairy, it seems she comes into the house when no-one is home, or when we are sleeping and breaks glasses, plates, chips bowls, and sometimes steals glasses, plates and bowls.


As a result, I am stuck in an every replacing stream to keep up with her and her antics. It baffles me how she has never been witnessed, you would think after 10 years someone could catch a glimpse of her in action but no, no one has ever admitted to being present when another item of my beautiful dinner set gets chipped or smashed.

But trust me, one day the culprit or culprits will be caught. Until they I will just have to keep replacing. And Denby, please don’t discontinue Jet.

Everything Mummy