Afternoon Tea at the Stunning Midland Hotel

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel. It followed a meeting to discuss and plan my ambassadorship.


The thing about the Midland is one visit is just not enough once you have been you just want to go back again and again. The atmosphere is just the most wonderful, and environment is so refined yet welcoming. It’s a mix of old school luxury, with modern-day service, which leaves you feeling so special.

IMG_4753On our last visit to the Midland we enjoyed drinks in the bar, which was so lovely, and which Jack compared to sitting in one of the lovely bars onboard the beautiful Queen Mary. We also ate in the amazing Mr Coopers, this is a restaurant that offers more of an experience than just a meal, with the amazing themed decor. The whole experience was amazing I really didn’t think the Midland got better than that.

IMG_5762So when visiting last week for afternoon tea, I expected much the same experience as the one we had previously enjoyed. Yet afternoon tea at The Midland Hotel is a different experience altogether. It felt so special, the staff like last time were just so lovely and attentive, nothing was too much trouble. And even though they were clearly busy they took the time to have a chat. What surprised me is that even though I was dining with Q Hotel Management. They preferred the staff to be unaware so they felt at ease.

IMG_5763Their attitude was that they were all important parts of one big team, Amy and Gemma spent some time over lunch telling me stories of how Q Hotel staff go that extra mile for customers. They were clearly so proud to be part of such an amazing team. I really loved the fact that although Q is a huge company, strives to maintain a family ethos, everyone is important.


Afternoon tea was wonderful it felt so special, I am not sure if I can put it down to the excellent service, food, white porcelain set table on crisp white linen, calming background music, wonderful company or elegant surroundings. Or maybe it is just a combination of all of these things. But I loved every minute, felt so relaxed and pampered, almost like I had enjoyed a spa treatment.

IMG_5767So would I go back for afternoon tea? err yes,100%. Would I take the Chris and the Boys? Yes, I would they would love it. However the selfish side of me really enjoyed this special experience just for me.

I am loving the whole Q Experience, I love the staff, Q’s commitment to get it right, and their whole work ethos. Everyone involved is important I love that. In fact when I arrived at The Midland, I was greeted by one of the concierge who I immediately recognised from the website, I felt a little star struck. He was so lovely and kind to me helped me find where I needed to be. And this is what is great about Q Hotels, the people.

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