The Festive Studio, Christmas Eve Box

I just had to share this amazing Christmas Eve Box by The Festive Studio.

I met Ben by accident at the Clothes Show Live this week, and just fell in love with these cute little boxes.

If you read my post about Peter the Elf last week you will know Elf culture is a huge part of our Christmas family traditions. This lovely little box fits in just perfectly.

The Festive Studio, Christmas Eve Box

On Christmas Eve if we have made it on to the nice list, Peter the Elf leaves us a new pair of pj’s and some reindeer dust. The Christmas Pack takes it one step further, and is just so so cute.

The Festive Studio Box Contains

You can buy all the components of the set separately but at £11.99 it is great value. (Update this is now £15.00)

In each pack you will receive;

A personalised letter from Santa, I love the fact that it is personalised. So special and something a child can keep. I love watching Joe’s face as he reads his letter from Santa every year.

A Nice List Certificate, I just know Joe will love this, official confirmation that he has made it to the good list.

A Bottle for Santa with a Straw; how cute is this, of course Santa is busy! Now he can have his drink on the go, take it to his sleigh.

A treat plate, this is a little platter that you can leave Santa a Snack on. Perfect for a mince-pie.

Magic Reindeer Food, A must to sprinkle on the grass or snow to show Santa and the reindeer’s exactly where you are.

Stickers, Kids just love stickers don’t they?  I just know Joe will use these to customise a letter for Santa. (He always leaves one on Christmas Eve, just to say hello)

Magic Snow to create sparkly indoor snow. For that little bit of magic, should we be unlucky enough not to get a white Christmas.

And last by not least a delicious Candy Cane.

The Festive Studio, Christmas Eve Box

This is just the perfect box for Christmas Eve, I know Joe will love preparing treats and sprinkling reindeer food for Santa on Christmas Eve Night. It’s the little things like this that put the magic into Christmas.

The Festive Studio, Christmas Eve Box

This post was created in conjunction with the wonderful Festive Studio.