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This week on Striking Mums the lovely Kate has set the topic Tricks for Mums. A great topic; us Mums have to be resourceful, don’t we? We have to be able to rustle up a costume at a moments notice, be experts in all sorts of homework subjects.
Make grumpy kids smile, nurse our poorly children, and shape them into human beings to be proud of and everything else that comes with it.
Its weird, although I come from a huge family with lots of aunts and cousins that have between us all, produced a new baby every year since the 70s, which is wonderful to be part of. I was never prepared for being a Mum, even though I had always babysat, so knew my way around a nappy and changing box. 
I could never, however have prepared myself for parenthood, for feeling that love, despair, stress, tiredness, pride and joy that you feel as a Mum. I remember feeling utterly out of my depth when we brought Jack home. Who turned our organised calm home upside down. Now I have evolved into a resourceful Mum. Who within reason can solve, repair, mend, and even bake Burnley Football cup cakes. 
So here are Kate’s questions
1. How do you outwit people or circumstances who prevent you getting the life you want?
I don’t always get this right, I am a passionate person so tent to speak out rather than play the long game. However if someone does try to make things hard for me, the stubborn side of me is always determined to not allow them to beat me.

2. What clever parenting tricks do you pull off regularly?
Mood changing and refereeing, the Boys bicker constantly it drives me mad.
3. What is your top time-saving trick?
I am rubbish at time saving; I really need help in this department.
4. What is your top housework trick?
Get a cleaner ha ha. No, I do it myself but resent it, the only thing that helps me to focus is putting music on loud so I can sing along whilst cleaning, my favourite is Buble’.
5. Have you ever carried out a practical joke? How did it go?
The last one I can remember is when I was a junior stylist, we super-glued 50p to the floor outside our salon. We spent hours giggling at watching people try to pick it up. 
6. If there was a trick of the light what would you like to see?
Ooh I am not sure; I think my Nan and Granddad and Chris’s Grandma, just to see their faces again.
7. Have you ever been tricked and how did that feel?
No I don’t think I have. If I have, I can’t remember.
8. If you designed your own coat or arms what colours, images and words would you include in it? 
I think it would be sky blue with a heart saying treat others how you expect to be treated. I can’t bear mean people; there is just no need. 

In summary, as a result of my poor time management I definitely need a cleaner. 

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  1. kateonthinice
    12th November 2014 / 10:36 am

    Interesting answers Sarah. I am with you on the housework front – seems endless and still can’t work out why it seems to fall on the mum when the whole family create the need to get it done. I have bickering boys too – find my little girl so much easier. Ah yes, a trick of the light so we could be with and see our lost loved ones – absolutely. Thanks for joining in again

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