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Black Friday, Seriously?

I am writing this post after a day at the Trafford Centre Manchester. And trust me, it was not pleasant. To be honest it hadn’t even registered, that it was black Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love all things American, and all thing shopping related. But Black Friday is a tradition the Americans should keep to themselves.

My lovely friend Louise and I arranged a Christmas shopping trip to do a little much-needed Christmas shopping. It never occurred to us that it was black Friday, this was the first Friday I had free in ages and was starting to get a little panicky at being uncharacteristically behind with my Christmas shopping.

When I told Chris of my plans he nodded his head and said he couldn’t believe we had arranged a trip on black Friday, to be honest I thought he had lost it a little. Yes this happens in America, but not good old civilised Great Britain. How naive am I?

black friday

As soon as we arrived at Trafford Centre we realised, we had to park in a car park right at the back, the sort of car park they probably only use about 3 times a year. Yes that is how far away it was.  We entered through John Lewis, which was busy but nothing major. I triumphantly I thought all over exaggerated and overrated.

Then we saw the game store, is was horrendous a queue about 40 people long and trust me it stayed that way all day. We did have plans to go in, but it just wasn’t worth it. Hollister had lots of great offers, but they came with a half an hour queue to pay. Debenhams queue was even longer. And don’t even talk me to about the Disney store. We had the beautiful Suzie in her pram and people were pushing and crushing and had no intention of moving for a pram, some where was sooooo infuriatingly rude.

Yes most people were polite and pleasant and like us had unwittingly got stuck in this frenzy of shoppers, simply by making the monumental mistake of underestimating the powered black Friday. But some were hard-core bargain hunters who would have taken down the mighty Rock to get an Olaf soft toy for the bargain price of £40. Seriously, what has happened to society that people could be so rude to make a purchase?

A little low-level rudeness and shoving pushing was the worse we saw, yes it was packed, hot and too busy but thankfully no fighting. When I got home I saw the News and OMG what is wrong with people, fighting in Tesco, the police had to be called, some stores had to be closed. Horrific acts displayed on the news of people pushing and fighting. Disgusting scenes that looked more like looting than shopping. People injured and trampled on. What has happened to human nature, kindness and good citizenship.

So America, I am a huge fan, I love New York, Orlando, Las, Vegas and your wonderful friendly people, your country has welcomed us with open arms many times. But black Friday, you can keep it. This is a day I will not venture near a shopping center again. I am a hardened shopper, I can spend 15-20 hours shopping and love every minute. But today? Today turned civilised people, Mum’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s, Grandma’s, Brother’s and Sister’s into shopping super-warriors prepared to get a bargain at all costs,  whilst the rest of us watched on in horror.


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  1. 30th November 2014 / 8:48 am

    I was working so had done some amazon deal shopping and that was it. Although I nipped out to Tesco for a couple of bits, and then to Costa on the retail park to grab some lunch on Friday. Hell. Thankfully (didn’t get to Tesco) Costa was emptier than usual, but the car park was insane. Not helped by 2 rows being cordoned off for works. And probably the only shop doing specific black friday deals was Argos and maybe Boots.

    I saw yesterday a quote about the irony of Black Friday. That the day before is all being thankful for what you have, followed by the grabbing materialistic nature of black friday. Nuts. I like a sale, but the offers weren’t even that good from what I saw.

    • SarahJChristie
      30th November 2014 / 3:48 pm

      Yes Emma it is totally nuts all a bit mean spirited somehow x

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