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Bad Dreams, Aren’t They Odd?

Bad Dreams. It’s still as clear as day, if feels almost like a memory, I was about 4, it was around 1976. I was laid in bed and two of the Apes from the seventies series planet of the Apes are stood over my bed. One of them was the doctor ape with white fur. I bet you are rolling your eyes already thinking yes, Sarah has really lost the plot.

Anyway, the Apes had a discussion about whether to take me or my bear they discussed it for a while and decided the bear was of more use to them. I mean really I can’t believe they chose the bear; I am quite offended thinking back.  But I remember laying in bed my little heart beating like mad, thinking thank goodness. I still to this day remember the fear I felt lying there watching these Apes deliberating whether to take me of Ted bear.

Bad Dreams, Aren't They Odd?

Then I woke up crying, my Mum coming to my rescue. I know it was a dream yet it still it feels like a memory. This story often comes out at dinner parties, and has my friends in hysterics. They can’t believe I still maintain it felt real, although clearly it wasn’t. It was clearly a result of watching a drama about apes taking over the world. Until that point I loved the planet of the apes, but never watched it from that day.

Do you know as a result, it wasn’t until last year that I plucked up the courage to watch the wonderful Planet of the Apes movie?  I think that solved my demons and I am no longer scared of people in ape suits. Ha ha reading this back I look stark raving mad don’t I?

The other two dreams I have had were during my 30s, in one my teeth all fall out, makes me cringe thinking about that dream. The other, I am out and about and then realise I have no shoes on. I have researched these and they both seem to mean feeling insecure. This was at the time I was working in London, in a very competitive environment, as I have got older and more comfy in my own skin these dreams stopped.

When Jack was little he used to have dreams about Dennis the Menace burgling the house and used to wake up screaming, it used to take Chris and I hours to calm him down and convince him Dennis was not a burglar. But I suppose in Jacks little mind Dennis was a naughty boy and that had played on his mind.

Aren’t dreams weird? I don’t remember many and most are just a jumble of life, lots of blogging lately. In fact the last week plugins and broken links plagued me all night. I think I must have just thought about it all far too much. Some say it’s a way of sorting and filing life events, maybe it is?



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  1. 20th November 2014 / 8:27 am

    That ape one is mad but I totally get what you mean. I have so many strange dreams I don’t even think anything of it any more but I sleep talk and walk too, much to my husbands annoyance so I try and keep my crazy mind under wraps ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so weird the things that come out in dreams, guess it is your minds way of resolving things. My mum used to have dreams about her teeth falling out too but I think your Planet of the Apes one might be unique! xx

    • SarahJChristie
      21st November 2014 / 8:02 pm

      Ha ha yes it is Halyey, thats must be a a pain sleepwalking, but yes its weird how the mind works isn’t it?

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