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World Vision, A Night of Hope

As a Mum I could not, not be involved in this event. 
World Vision is turning a night of fear to a Night of Hope for the Children of Syria.
“For most, Halloween is a night of excitement, friendly frights and safe scares. But for the children of Syria the fear is very real. And it’s every night of the year.
The Syrian civil war is in its fourth year, and has stolen the childhoods of millions of children.”


When I read the above statement it filled me with sadness. We take life for granted, being able to take our children for walks in the countryside, feeling safe and secure in our homes. We rest assured our children are safe and sound at school and enjoying learning. 
All these are a thing of the past for the Children and Families of Syria for four years all they have know is despair, uncertainty and fear.
World Vision is asking people to help in one of the only ways we can.

There is no point having s little space on the Internet if I can’t use it to help children and for me this isn’t about politics, war or who’s right or wrong, it is about Children, Just like my own.

Carve a heart in your pumpkin as a symbol of hope.

Carve a heart in your Pumpkin as a symbol of hope
Share a picture of it with us so that we can show the children of Syria.

Share a picture of it with World Vision so they can show the children of Syria

Text HEART to 70060 to donate £5* to help change their future for good.

Text HEART to 70060 and donate £5 
See World Vision for more info and how your £5 can help.

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