The Galleries BA Lounge at Terminal 5 Heathrow

Recently we were lucky enough to travel business class to Barcelona, I recently shared our wonderful business class experience, but want to conclude by talking about the Heathrow Business Lounge.

The Galleries lounge is set aside from the hustle and bustle of the terminal 5, as soon as you check into the airport lounge you feel the sense of quality. It is vast with several areas for eating, working, and relaxing.


On arrival we decided to get a spot of lunch so found seats in the dining area, the area consists of huge communal bench/tables, the great thing about this is you can mostly always find a seat. Once we found our seat we decided to start with a nice glass of wine, I must say the choice was endless with many good red and white wines.
We went for a nice Pouilly Fume which we enjoyed whilst taking the opportunity to chill and people watch. The choice of lunch was great and offered something to suit all tastes, including soup and a choice of sandwiches through to chili, rice, curry, jacket potatoes and salad. There was also a choice of cookies and cakes for pudding. 


Coffee, tea and soft drinks were also on constant supply with several cafe bar style areas. There were always a plentiful supply of cups, plates, and cutlery. And food and drink supplies were continuously replenished during the time we spent in the lounge.
Once we had eaten we made ourselves a coffee and looked for a comfy seat to chill out and read our books, there was lots of choice ranging from cafe style table and chairs, chairs and comfy sofas, offering you the option to sit with a laptop and work or snuggle and read a book.
Newspapers and magazines were plentiful, and there was lots of desk top pc’s available for those who needed to work, and most sitting areas had access to charging points to enable you to charge tablets, phones and laptops, an absolute must when travelling. The password for the Wi-Fi was so easy to access, I loved the fact that all I had to do was copy and paste it from my B.A app on my iPhone straight into setting to enable quick and fuss free entry to the Wi-Fi.
I have to say nearly all of my photos seem to be beverage related, the reason for this being that the lounge was busy, people were chilled and relaxed and my taking photos of them would have felt intrusive. So I took the odd photo when areas became quieter, and to be honest I was enjoying the whole business experience too much myself and was feeling very chilled.
If you are travelling through Heathrow then yes it is absolutely worth upgrading for the use of the fantastic Galleries lounge. The staff were wonderful and attentive and you leave for the next stage of your journey feeling refreshed and ready to go.


My Travel Monkey