My Favourite Christmas Experience, The Year the Snow Came

I treasure every Christmas with my family. Life is so different before your children arrive isn’t it? Having a meal out Christmas Eve and sleeping in Christmas morning, visiting relatives, going out with friends. And then your children come along and you realise what magic you have been missing out on. And life changes forever.
I do not know a parent that does not embrace the pure joy of writing letters to Santa, baking cookies and building ginger bread houses. Every year I eagerly anticipate watching Christmas movies, opening advent calendars, and hanging Christmas stockings it’s just all so magical.  
The one thing we all wish for is snow isn’t it; there is nothing as festive as snow falling on Christmas Eve and that is why the year the snow came is such a precious memory. 
This particular year we were ready for Christmas, all the shopping had been bought and we were looking forward to a quite family Christmas. We had been out for a lovely lunch and a long winters walk when the snow started fluttering down, how exciting. We snuggled down to enjoy a festive film whilst the snowflakes flurried outside our window.
Christmas day was much the same it was so beautiful listening to Christmas carols sipping champagne as we cooked Christmas dinner. The view was breathtaking as the town lights twinkled in the snow, although it had snowed on and off for 20 hours the snow had covered but was not deep.


However when we woke up Boxing Day morning we were greeted by a beautiful winter wonderland, it was stunning, the wind had risen throughout the night and with the help of a few snow flurries had blown snow up the fields and created drifts on our road. This resulted in us being completely snowed in. The boys were beside themselves with excitement, as we all clambered to get reseed ready for the snow.
The drifts had completely covered the road and were 5ft high, it was like living in Lapland, like Santa had left the North Pole on our doorstep. It was wonderful we could not get out and no one could get in. 
We stayed like that for 2 days, taking long walks climbing through the drifts, enjoying hot chocolate and mulled wine by the wood burning stove, it was perfect. A year I will never forget. Our little family secluded form the world a basic yet beautiful Christmas.




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  1. Beautwins Blog
    23rd October 2014 / 4:41 am

    I was literally taken to Christmas Day reading this! I love it. I love Christmas. Very very special time of year. It’s magical. I have so many plans for the girls as I want to make each one perfect for them. Thanks for writing such a beautiful post. Xxx

    • 24th October 2014 / 7:42 pm

      Ah thank you, that means so much and yes it is such a special time of year I can’t wait xx

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