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Calf Diet, We are Having a Break

So, I broke the news yesterday and she took it well. I have told my Calf Diet we are on a break, only a short one. We have agreed to meet up on Thursday the 8th of Jan. I will explain what I have been up too. Do a weigh in and explain my results. 
Its awful to say but I am feeling bored with posting every Thursday, I have struggled lately and yoyo’d around 9st 13lb.  I am thrilled with this weight; I can’t believe I have lost 15 pounds. But feel I need to enjoy Christmas. 
Don’t get me wrong I have no intentions of cheating on my Calf Diet, I will do my best to remain faithful, exercise, try to eat healthy. But I will enjoy Christmas. 
When we meet in January I hope I won’t have any explaining to do, I hope she is proud of my efforts. But understanding of the fact that a girl has to live, and it has been Christmas.

So my good friend Calf Diet, its goodbye for now, I will remember you, you haven’t left my side since March. Have been a loyal friend, got me into size 10 and my purple Hunters wellies. For that I owe you. And can’t wait to meet up in January ready to prepare for the summer.

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