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We were lucky enough to fly to Barcelona with BA last week and even luckier to fly business class. Now no matter what class we have flown we have always enjoyed great service. The best we have received on any other airline. Even in the past when there have been minor problems with flights, planes, ash clouds etc. BA have always got us to our destination. This faith has ensured that in the last few years we always book with BA.
I thought I would share our business class experience. And my justification, why I feel flying business is worth the extra. 
Firstly cost, if you shop about you can get some great deals. We booked with our Avios points so for us it was a mega deal. It cost us; £50.00 each, 30 thousand Avios, and a companion voucher. For this we got return connecting flights from Manchester to Heathrow, then flights from Heathrow to Barcelona. 
Convenience, BA has a dedicated check in for business class, silver and gold executive club members. This is great as although we did have a slight queue at Manchester you generally do not have to wait very long at all before your bags are checked in. 
Airport security fast track, this was amazing. You get to go in a fast track queue through security that is so much quicker. The airport staff was still as thorough on security checks yet we sped through due to less crowd volume. 

The Lounges, It is worth the extra for the lounges alone, once you are through check in and have enjoyed a little shopping (A must at the Airport don’t you think?) You can retreat to the BA lounge, yes they can get busy but there is always a supply of complimentary snacks, drinks, and at times hot food. We haven’t struggled to get a seat so far, and its great with Kids as they can plug in their I pad, grab a drink and snack and chill. There are always newspapers and magazines to read and Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet is generally available. I love the fact that I leave the lounge feeling relaxed and ready for the next part of the journey.
Boarding your flight, I love this, no more constantly checking monitors as the lounge attendants check you in, log your flight and call you when it boards’ yes there are still monitors to check if you really want to. Once your gate opens you board through the fast track entrance straight onto the plane no queueing. 
On plane experience, now I know that flying long haul Business class has beds or bigger seats and dedicated cabins.  There is none of this on European flights, your seat is the same as economy, but with a table in the middle, and there is a curtain that separates business and economy cabins.
 However the service is fantastic. You have a dedicated cabin crew member to look after business class. For this reason they have much more time to look after you, offer you drinks, meals etc. So yes you may not have a dedicated cabin but lets face it we are all the same aren’t we? But you do have upscale service, including an upscale drinks and food menu with the option of champagne if you so wish.
So there you have it; my opinion on Business Class. Yes, I feel its 100% worth it. I felt thoroughly looked after on our last flight to Barcelona beds or no beds. Of course this is an experience I would love to encounter, so will be saving my Avios to hopefully upgrade on our next flights to Miami. But if we aren’t able to save enough Avios, I rest happy in the fact that flying with BA we have always experience great service no matter what cabin we are travelling in.

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  1. Sarah Ebner
    12th September 2014 / 2:11 pm

    We managed to do this on Avios too, to go to America last year and it was amazing. Great to see how the other half live! We are also now saving up again……

    • 12th September 2014 / 2:16 pm

      Its fab isn’t it, yes we have just booked Miami but only had enough for economy so are now saving to upgrade x

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