Robinsons Get Your Skills on Challenge

When the Robinsons Fruit Shoot, Get Your Skills On challenge was first announced, I dismissed it. Not because I thought the challenge wasn’t great, but more because the boys are so sporty that I thought I would struggle to motivate them to do the smaller skills. How wrong could I be? 
Both the boys have the odd fiend that is addicted to games consoles, that never get out in the garden and kick a ball or climb, but they are just not like that. Yes, they do have games consoles and they do use them. But they prefer the big outdoors. 
So I had sort of discounted the merits of the challenge, however the last week of depressing weather changed the mood of our home. The boys went from loving every bit of summer, to a bit fed up and sick of staying inside, and going to the cinemas. I kept trying to motivate them offered to take them to the cinemas once more, but they were not keen. Don’t get me wrong they have had a great summer, but one week can make all the difference cant it?
Then I had an idea, I asked them to help me with this blog post, they had to learn and practice the skills, make videos when they achieved each goal. Then edit into a 60 second movie. They were so excited; firstly we all sat down and they chose the skills they wanted to practice, and display, and off they went to practice with their list. I took my phone and we spent a good couple of hours in the garden in the gale force winds with them completing the Robinsons Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills On challenge. The next day they continued and did so until they had completed all the tasks.

This challenge completely lifted their moods and gave them a goal for the week; they even got their friends involved. Who were a bit disappointed when I told them I couldn’t use them in the video without permission from their parents, but once permission was in and we were good to go, they were all on a roll and had a fantastic time. 
So here are the skills they worked on or demonstrated.
Hula Hooping for 15 seconds, well Joe is a pro at that and could go on forever, he hula hoops at School in P.E 
Walking for 15 seconds balancing something on your head, Joe, Jack and Harry all had a go but Jack mastered this one the quickest, I am surprised at how long they spent on this one, and how much fun they had in the process.
  Play keepy-uppy for 15 seconds, Jack practiced and practiced but Harry piped him to the post on this challenge and reached 20 seconds.
Climb a tree (make sure it’s safe, first!) Joe and Fin are pro’s at this so they felt this was an easy challenge. So completed it on a huge tree in Green Park, London. Where we all sat below heart in mouths but knowing we had to let them be boys and enjoy a great tree like the one they were climbing. Apparently great climbing tree don’t just come along every day!
  Throw a ball and catch it behind your back? Harder than it looks and took Jack a while to master, but again they spent ages on this one.
   Swing as high as you can, Joe did the honours with this task, as he loves swinging high. Although I nearly had a heart attack as I felt as though he was about to fly over the neighbour’s fence.
 Score a goal, they all offered to oblige at this one and happily spent some time scoring goals then completely forgot about me a turned it into a game of football. I left them to it, and had a cup of coffee whilst they were happy.
  Catch a wave, Jack did this last year and spent hours practicing so was desperate for me to use it, so we did it as an extra task, flo riding is something I am desperate to try, I bottled out on Holiday last year. I am so mad at myself as I am dying to have a go.
 Give someone a piggy back, Jack and Harry worked together on this, Joe loved lording it up, going round the garden on poor Harrys back.
Dribble a ball for 15 seconds, again they all wanted to demonstrate their skills and show me their great dribbling. This too turned into a game of football.
 Skip without stopping for 10 seconds or more, Again I was surprised to find out that they all did skipping in P.E at primary School so were all pros at this so they spent quite some time showing off their skills to each-other.

So what did we get out of the Robinsons Get Your Skills on Challenge? The Boys loved it, not only did they love it they got their friends involved. And had input on the final video. It was great to see them work so closely together on a task as they all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Robinsons and Tots 100 for giving me the inspiration to fill those awful windy rainy days with a task the boys loved so much, they wanted to share it with the world.
This post is my an entry to the Robinsons Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills On challenge.

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