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Calf Diet Week 15, Having a Wardrobe Clear Out

Calf Diet Week 15, Having a Wardrobe Clear Out. Hoorah I have lost a pound. That makes a total loss of 12lbs, just 4.5lb of my target. I have had a quiet week food wise; I have just slipped into a healthy eating groove. I am now in a habit of eating healthier food, and enjoying it. I don’t feel it is such a struggle when ordering food in restaurants and I am able to find something healthier and lower fat. 
Calf Diet Week 15, Having a Wardrobe Clear Out 
Although yes, I still went out Saturday night and had a lovely evening with great Friends and maybe a glass or two, too much wine. 
My great success of this week was when I cleared my wardrobe out.  I noticed a few of my clothes were a little big for me, not all of them but some. So I completely emptied my wardrobe and tried every item on. I had two bin bags of clothes that were too big for me, I know, arghhh. Only one size to big, but never the less to big. 
I also had a big pile of clothes that have to be honest never fit; you know the clothes you buy when you have a skinny day. But when you get home are way to tight. Or, fit you years ago, but you like too much to throw away, well they all fit, arghhh. The feeling I had when I had dragged the bin bags down the stairs, and re organised my clothes that never used to fit me on hangers ready to wear.  Is the feeling I want to remember if I am ever tempted to eat a takeaway, or giant chocolate bar, the feeling of achievement, that I can control my weight and still enjoy food? I have just retrained my taste buds. Still 4.5 lb. to go though, so whilst I am pleased with my success so far, this is not a good time to become complacent. 

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  1. Lisa Moore
    14th August 2014 / 11:33 pm

    Well done sarah! Im starting mine again on monday!

    • 15th August 2014 / 9:28 am

      Ah thanks Lisa , looking forward to seeing you today x

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