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Calf Diet Week 14, I Managed to Maintain my Weight Whilst on Holiday

Well, I am gob smacked and soooo pleased. I achieved what I set out to do this week, maintain my weight whilst on holiday. How did I do it?  I think it has a lot to do with the amount of walking we have done; we have walked miles over the last week. I do think that has really helped. 
I haven’t limited myself with wine and have enjoyed a good few glasses in the evening, but have thought about food choices. I have chosen salads wherever possible, but have allowed myself extra healthy extras each day. I have-not been a saint this last week, but I have tried to ensure I maintain some sort of healthy eating level. Chris and the boys were eating tiger bread for lunch at CenterParks, and it has been torture to stick to salads and not have the bread that smelt delicious, but I am glad I did. 
Calf Diet Week 14
But I have enjoyed lots of treats like my glasses of wine, the odd low sin ice-lolly, and burger and chunky chips at the Lazy Cow at Stratford-Upon-Avon. So I feel like I have been able to enjoy my holiday without overdoing it. 
I notice whilst away that some of the clothes I packed were a little too big, so yesterday I went through my wardrobe and wow, I have 2 bin bags of clothes that do not fit me anymore, some jeans I had saved from years ago that were to tight are now to baggy on my legs, a bikini I saved that is too big.  I am thrilled as I may have only lost 11lb but it is really starting to show in my clothes. 
I have 2 weeks until my next little break so have two weeks to stick to plan and loose a couple of pounds, before my romantic weekend in Barcelona.

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  1. 7th August 2014 / 12:46 pm

    Wow hey well done you! High five! You’re doing so well. Keep it up! x x

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