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Nivea Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Sun Spray

I just had to write about this Nivea Sunscreen, as it is just amazing, A bit like a sun cream peacekeeper.

I first started having sun cream issues when Jack was 2, we had travelled to Mexico for a family holiday and it was hot, hot, hot. When you have a child all you do is worry about them burning? We were conscientious like most parent are and bought gallons of factor 40 and 50 sun cream, to keep our little angel protected.

But as soon as he saw the sun cream bottle he turned it a demonic little maniac. It quickly turned into regular fights every time we had to apply sun cream, no one said in the ‘baby manual, you would have to rugby tackle your child to the floor and pin him down to protect him from the sun.’ It was so hot that he had to have the cream on, yet he was adamant he wasn’t.  It became so stressful, by the time we left our air-conditioned room we would be sweating and stressed, and head straight to the bar for a cocktail.

Nivea Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Sun Spray

He wasn’t really a naughty boy, yes he threw the odd tantrum as 2 years do, but as soon as he saw that sun cream bottle his nostrils started flaring and he started stamping his feet light a raging bull preparing to charge. It was like trying to hold a wet bar of soap trying to rub his sun cream in.

I came back from Mexico a woman on a mission, to find easy to apply sun cream. I remember our first cruise Joe was 2; Jack still had an aversion to sun cream.  Application time was like preparing to go into battle; Chris and I found ourselves conferring to find the plan of attack.

We found a few aerosol sprays, which were great, but didn’t last long so took up so much room in the case. Then we found Nivea Protect and Refresh Cooling Spray. You may think it is only sun cream what is this mad woman harping on about?  But trust me if you have kids, this is a game changer. Yes the boys are older but still hate sun cream; they Just haven’t the time in their busy lives to stand having it rubbed in. Yet they will happily stand whilst we apply Nivea. What’s different? Well it is a spray, it doesn’t need rubbing in, I get them to stand like starfish, spray and off they go. I am not stressed and don’t need a cocktail.

Last year on Holiday I sat whilst a couple wrestled with their little girl, watching form the outside is a bit alarming, it really was a battle and they were so stressed. In the end I couldn’t take any more and offered to let them try my Nivea, they looked at me like I was stupid. “It won’t work they said” And were dumbfounded when she happily stood whilst they sprayed. Then ran off to the pool smiling.

The great thing is, it is waterproof, and on City Breaks they actually want you to spray them as it is cooling. And they have never burned. So yes it may only be sun cream but should have a place up there in United Nations for family peacekeeping. Any parent who’s little darlings hate sun cream will get this.


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  1. Kate Fever
    27th August 2014 / 12:57 pm

    Oh we have had many a battle over sun cream too! This sounds great – protective and cooling! Thanks for li8nking up with #TriedTested

    • SarahJChristie
      19th May 2016 / 9:19 pm

      I know its incredible, so easy x

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