Ladies, Never Ever Travel Light

This week we have spent a three days in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Whilst packing for the weekend I decided not to overdo it with shoes, to travel light, and stuck to 3 pairs of sandals; huge mistake. Why? On the fist day we were ready to walk into town for our dinner, Jack was walking behind me, stood on my shoe as I was walking, and completely broke it argh. I managed to stay calm, especially as I loved my pavers daisy chain Sandals, they were so pretty. But now beyond repair. Off I went to our room for a change of sandals Panic over, I Still had two pairs. 

Ladies, Never Ever Travel Light
My replacement sandals
On day two we went to the park for a picnic, I decided to put my new sandals on, they were so pretty with diamante detail. By the time I had walked to the park 2 large diamante had disappeared. They are now safely stashed in my suitcase waiting to be returned to the shop. So frustrating, so here I was one pair of sandals left.

I mentioned a shopping trip to replace my 2 pairs of sandals. You would have thought I had suggested they all cut a leg off with their reactions. So I hastily bought a pair of backup sandals for the rest of my trip. 
But trust me, that is the last time I ever pack light. And I will be buying more sandals this week.


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