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Heinz Alphabetti Book Quotes.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I have made a picture with letters from a tin of Alphabetti pasta. Why I imagine you are asking yourself. Please read to the end, I will explain some more.
Heinz Alphabetti Book Quotes.

TOTS100 & Heinz Competition
Heinz and Tots100 have teamed up to launch a fantastic blogger competition inspiring parents to educate their children at home!
Heinz is always looking to generate smiles at meal times by encouraging children to express their creativity. Children love to spell out their names and make interesting shapes using Heinz Alphabetti and Numberetti.
In line with Children’s Book Week, Heinz has taken this creative idea one step further, inviting you and your children to recreate a quote from your favourite children’s book using Heinz Alphabetti.
Not only does this competition allow you to enjoy tasty Heinz Pasta, it provides the perfect excuse to spend time with your children, making meal times fun.
That’s not all, we have an amazing prize up for grabs – you could win a year’s supply of Heinz Pasta and £250 worth of book vouchers!
(from the TOTS100 Website)
When I first saw this competition on an email, I was sat at my desk at work. I read it out loud to a my colleague and friend Annette, and said, “but what on earth could I do with a years supply of Heinz Alphabetti, I don’t have the cupboard space to store a years supply of pasta.” Annette suggested I could give it to a food bank; this has really got me thinking.
I started reading about local food-banks and cannot believe there is one is every town near me, it seems the need is huge. Here I am not entering a competition, because I simply can’t fit the food in my cupboards. When people have to resort to a food bank, to feed their family. 
So yes this is a fantastic idea, inviting our children to engage in education whilst eating, and I must say Joe enjoys extra literacy activities at home and loves Alphabetti. We all love books, so as a family we spent quite some time, and there were lots of laughs, discussing which book quote to use. It had to be Harry Potter in the end we are all huge fans. 
Then you look at the flip side of this, I am so lucky. I have never had to worry about putting food in the cupboard, to feed my children. I never have to worry about them going to bed hungry, but it does happen. As Mums we all have common worries don’t we? illness, that our children will grow up to be caring adults, Schooling, who they choose as friends, but food is a worry no Mum should ever have. 
So if Harry Potter is lucky for me, then I am going to donate my years supply of pasta, spend £100 of the book vouchers on cook books with easy nutritious recipes. I am figuring if Mums can’t afford food, then they certainly can’t spare the money for cookbooks, and £100 pounds on children’s books. That leaves me £50 for a book for each of the boys. 
“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Heinz competition to support Children’s Book Week”


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  1. Shay Noble
    13th July 2014 / 10:02 pm

    I love the quote you chose!! Such a fantastic series of books for children and adults 🙂 And what a wonderful way to spend the prize. I have my fingers crossed for you x

    • 13th July 2014 / 10:07 pm

      Thanks Shay I love Harry Potter and to me this is the defining comment of all the books. And yes fingers crossed I can do some good with all that spaghetti x

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