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Calf Diet Week 12 Over.

 Week 12 is now over; and although I have put on half a pound, I am definitely feeling the difference in my shape. I have started to do sit ups to tone my stomach muscles. I still can’t believe I now fit in a size 10; I haven’t been that size for years. Don’t get me wrong I am not about to disappear down a drain, and if I stand behind a lamp post, you will still see me. But I feel better in myself and that’s what is important.
Calf Diet Week 12 Over. 
I have been looking for recipes to keep food interesting and loved the curry I blogged yesterday. My thinking is; if I can replace all my favourite meals with healthier but still tasty alternatives, then I will be able to stick to a healthy eating plan long term. I also made some healthy fat free ice-lollies this weekend, they tasted fantastic, and gave me another option to a cold drink on a hot summers day. 

I was quite bad on Saturday; I stuck to my healthy eating plan but drank copious amounts of wine and champagne with Ruth. But I am not going to be mad at myself for having a great time. Although I am eating healthy with the intention of loosing weight, I am going to enjoy nights like Saturday when friends like Ruth, Darren and Finn visit, that’s what enjoying life is all about.  
I am not expecting great things this week, or the next in fact; we have lots of exciting things planned, meeting with friends, meals and a wedding. I will have to make the right choices with my food so I can enjoy a few glasses of wine. And walk loads, damage limitation eek.

 But then in two weeks time I will be back on it, being strict with myself. For a few weeks at least, until we have a mini break booked.  But my thinking is; enjoy July and August, and be as healthy as I can, to try to maintain my weight. Then back to business in September.

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  1. Lisa Moore
    17th July 2014 / 8:39 am

    Well done Sarah, a great result and a sensible approach to the summer. We will have to have a healthy lunch during that time too

    • 17th July 2014 / 11:09 am

      Thank Lisa, and look forward to that healthy lunch xx

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