Calf Diet Week 11, Phew 2lb Off

After putting on 1lb. last week you can imagine my relief when I stepped on the scales yesterday morning and had lost 2lb. Thank goodness I had lost this week.   So what did I do differently to last week? 
Well, not very much but I did stick to my diet rigidly apart from Saturday night, when I enjoyed several glasses of wine. It was challenging in Sunday on the journey back from Essex, we stopped at the service station and there was so much unhealthy, but tasty food, but hardly any choice for healthy options. And to be honest all the healthy food looked awful, but I remained determined and bought a piece of chicken breast, and a pot of melon, it wasn’t great but it was ok. However in reflection I am so glad I made that choice, rather than a burger and fries as it showed in the scales.
Calf Diet Week 11, Phew 2lb Off

I have tried cereal this week instead of my usual breakfast bars. I am trying cereals for breakfast as part of the; love you tummy campaign, in conjunction with All Bran and the Lovely Brit Mums. I must say I did not think trying a breakfast cereal would make that much of a difference to my digestion, but it really has helped in many ways.  Cereal is definitely the way forward in the mornings, not something I have eaten in years. 
I was so excited this week when I purchased my first size 10 item of clothing in years; I am now feeling the benefits of making the right choices. However this is a dangerous time as it is easy to give up when you are feeling good, slip, and eat little treats.  I am almost there now 5.5 lbs. till my target so I must keep going and keep making the right choices.

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  1. Lisa Moore
    10th July 2014 / 4:49 pm

    Well done Sarah!! Thats fab! Another 4 and your in the nines!!

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