100 Happy Days, Day 100, Hoorah, The Tree on My Road

How sad am I? I have put off writing this post today. I started 100 Happy Days on the 24th March, which is exactly 100 days ago. 100 Happy Days, Day 100. Hoorah, The Tree on My Road

In that time I have celebrated My Family, Friends, Dog, Wine, Sheep, More Wine, More Sheep, in fact to sum it up I have celebrated life. I am working on a post that I will post on Friday, talking about what 100 happy days has meant to me. A bit like the; I’m a celebrity coming out show!

100 Happy Days, Day 100. Hoorah, The Tree on My Road
But for now, I wanted to end where I began; at the tree on my road. On day 1 it did not have a single leaf on it. Today it stood its entire splendour, like it will have done, so many years before any of us were probably even born. Joe and Toby came along to help me take the photo, which I very nearly got run over taking. Note to self-look for cars next time I take a photo from the middle of the road.
But till Friday. Goodbye 100 happy days, my old blog friend. You have been with me since my first month of blogging; I feel you have been lucky for me. I now pass you over with love to the capable hands of Lisa at Tales from the Mad House.


  1. 2nd July 2014 / 10:08 pm

    I have loved your 100 happy days Sarah. I hope you enjoy mine

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