Slimming World, Why I am Going it Alone.

When I first started slimming world I thought it was wonderful, I still stand by that fact, I love the plan and the people at group were all lovely. However I have decided to go it alone. My reasons; I had been going for 6 weeks and listened to some amazing stories of some lovely and truly amazing people that had lost stones and stones, yet every week I left upset.
Not one person had ever been rude to me or nasty in fact, quite the opposite. However because my weight loss has been small; half a pound to a pound a week, and I never once got clapped, it became a personal mission for me to get a round of applause like everyone else! It just never happened. You see it was a large group with big weight loss. So although I lost 6.5 lbs. in my time going to image therapy, it was in small bits at a time, I blended in.  I was lucky that my lovely friend Lianne kept trying to buck me up telling me well done that did make me feel a bit better.
Slimming World, Why I am Going it Alone. 

It sounds childish doesn’t it, but I felt like I was doing well,and was working really hard at it, yet week after week I sat in image therapy clapping away at all the lovely people there, and they really were lovely. But coming away a bit down. It has got to the stage that everyone at work now gives me a weekly round of applause to compensate. Also time is precious, I work one evening a week at college and this is another night away from my family.
So I have decided to go it alone, I have the motivation to keep to the plan, and my weekly weigh in will be via my blog, so if I put on weight, it is going on the Internet eeek. And I have all my lovely friends at work to give me a round of applause when I do loose weight.  
I will take a photo of my scales every Wednesday Morning and post it on Thursday. I must be mad! But I need an incentive not to cheat and this is it. My calf diet will continue, I have set my target at 9st12lbs. If I loose the weight at .5 – 1lb a week then so be it, as long as I am loosing the pounds I am not going to beat myself up over it. So here goes…. Wish me luck!

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