Slimming World Week 6 Over!

I can’t believe I have been following slimming world for 6 weeks now. I have lost 6.5 pounds, although it has come off slowly bit-by-bit. Some weeks I have felt so frustrated with this. Especially when you go to group and people are losing between 3 and 5 pounds a week. 
But the important thing is I am starting to notice it in my clothes. I can’t believe reading back; how many stages I have gone through in the last 6 weeks, to finally accept this new healthy eating plan. 
Slimming World Week 6 Over!

Firstly excitement, then resentment, closely followed by frustration thankfully I am now in a stage of acceptance. Don’t get me wrong I am really enjoying the food I am eating, however I do miss a glass of wine with my tea every night.  
Slimming World Week 6 Over!

I didn’t realise what a picker I was, I would pick at the boys crisps or sweets, so although in my head I never ate them because I never actually opened a packet, when the boys had a packet of sweets or crisps, I would pick at theirs. So probably ate more than I realised. 
Slimming World Week 6 Over!

I am surprised at some of the challenges I have encountered, such as not mugging Chris last week when he was eating a McDonalds. I could picture myself pinning him to the floor, stealing his quarter pounder and running off to eat it. But do you know what I went without and it hasn’t killed me. So 6 weeks are over and I am 6.5 pounds lighter, there is my motivation to keep going.

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