Pasta Brown, Covent Garden

 Last week whilst we were in Covent Garden we decide to go for lunch, the boys were hungry and getting grouchy so we had to find somewhere quick, we found ourselves in Bella Pasta, where we were greeted and shown down a flight of stairs into a basement, to a dirty table, where an extremely busy waitress slammed the menu down on the table and listed a whole list of food that was not available!! I know it was awful this is the third bad experience we have had in Bella Pasta, in fact the only good experience I have ever had is in the Center Parcs Restaurant. So much to the Chris and the boys disgust I decided there was no was I could eat there and persuaded them to leave. 
I am so glad we did. We turned the corner and came across Pasta Brown, I had never heard of it before but it looked busy so we thought we would give it a try. 
Pasta Brown Italian, Covent Garden
We were immediately greeted; it was such a friendly atmosphere, we were shown to our table and offered drinks. This place was perfect for us; it is a family run, restaurant chain. The Brown Family originate from Naples, any one who reads my blog knows how much we all love Naples.
We ordered dinner Joe as usual went for plain pasta; I went for escalope milanese Napoli, Chris, caesar salad and Jack, pizza. When my dish arrived the chicken was so big it looked like a Pizza? I told the man serving us I thought my dish was wrong, he was so apologetic and immediately took it away. I could see him telling the waitress it was wrong, she was nodding her head. She brought the menu over and explained it wasn’t pizza but in fact chicken. I was sooooo embarrassed and they were so lovely and patient about it, and brought my meal back. OMG cringe, but the staff did not once make me feel uncomfortable at all. So if you do ever read this post I am so sorry! And it was delicious.
Pasta Brown Italian, Covent Garden
In fact they were so great that after Joe wolfed his bowl of past another bowl of pasta just appeared, how is that for great service?
I would love to go back here for a leisurely meal with Chris in the evening, as it was such a lovely restaurant, a great atmosphere and exceptional service. 
If you are ever in Covent Garden try Pasta Brown it’s fabulous.

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