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My Calf Diet, Week 9, Keeping my resolve on a Weekend Away.

Woohoo I was so happy when I saw that number 4 this morning. I have now lost 10 pounds. I can’t believe it, I am now 6.5 lb. off my target. 
This week has been challenging, I know I have waffled on and on about Brit Mums but it was so amazing and that included the food. Delicious treats such as cakes, pastries, pork pies, canapés, wine, coffee, tea and chocolates, were continuously flowing for the whole event. All so tempting and exceptional quality, as a result it was very difficult to say no. Fortunately there was also lots of pineapple. I was apple to keep my resolve; but for the odd canapé and glass of wine. But must have eaten 2 whole pineapples. 

It was very difficult getting a healthy lunch on our train journey’s, we were lucky to find an M&S food hall to buy salads and fruit. Everywhere you looked in the train station I could see pastries, cakes and the most tempting of all Burger King. Traveling really does test your resolve. I found it helpful to take a few slimming world rocky road bars to eat, in case of a week moment. 
We ate at Picolinos on Heddon Street on Saturday night. It was fantastic. The menu had lots of healthy choices and the dishes I chose were delicious, but more about that in my Picolinos review next week.
I did not deny myself wine throughout the weekend as I was on a trip after all, saying that I didn’t go mad either as I wanted a clear head for the conference.
In reflection you can still enjoy food and wine when you are away and loose weight too; it is about making sensible choices, rather than thinking I will have the weekend off and stuffing my face with any food in a ten-mile radius. 
I still had an amazing weekend even though I turned down Burger King at the train station, or the delicious looking pink cake in the Morrison’s Lounge at Brit Mums.  These are things I will forget in time, whereas I will never forget my Brit Mums experience, it’s that, that is important not the cakes.

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  1. Lisa Moore
    26th June 2014 / 10:04 pm

    Well done Sarah. I think all the walking helped too!

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