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My Calf Diet, Week 8 Over

Well, I have been slimming for 8 weeks now, and this is my second week of slimming alone. Do you know what, it has been stress free! Clearly the pub walk has helped, although I did have quite a few wines. I also walked around 10 miles, so walked it off. 
My Calf Diet, Week 8 Over
I have got into a really good routine now, so am finding it so much easier eating healthier. I have even got used to drinking far less wine, I hate to admit it; but my skin is so much better for it.  I have also had to start using the next notch on the belt of my jeans. It’s surprising how great it felt when I first discovered this.

On Tuesday I nipped out shopping to buy a new jacket for Brit Mums Live, whilst there I saw a dress I loved. I am usually between a size 12 or 14 in dresses depending on the shape of the dress. I decided as I had lost half a stone I would try a size 12 and guess what; it was too big, hoorah I couldn’t believe it. That has given me a real boost to keep going.  I did not try the size 10 on as I was in a rush and didn’t have time to mess about, but I will be going back to try it on next week when I have more time. 

I also received a lovely text off one of my best friends Theresa. This was so sweet and really motivated me. 
My Calf Diet, Week 8 Over
So in all it has been a very positive week. To top it off I have lost 1.75lbs, which makes my total loss 9lbs. I am now 7.5lbs off my target so need to keep at it.

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