Cecelia Ahern, One Hundred Names.

Journalist Kitty Logan is at the lowest point of her career after being successfully sued by a PE teacher, she falsely accused of abusing two of his pupils. As a result she has ruined her life as well her professional reputation and is on the brink of losing her home. She has also lost her boyfriend and is the brunt of a terrible hate campaign.
Cecelia Ahern, One Hundred Names.
The only support she has is from her employer, good friend, and mentor Constance, who is dying from cancer. When Kitty asks Constance what the one story is that she regrets not writing, Constance ask her to retrieve an envelope from her filing cabinet and bring it to her. By the time Kitty has returned Constance has passed away. Kitty opens the envelope and finds a list of 100 names printed on a piece of paper with no indication as to how the names are connected or indeed who these people are and how she can find them. 

Kitty decides that as a tribute to her dying friend she will locate these people and tell their story, even though he has no idea what the story is! She feels she must prove herself to her deceased friend for the shame she brought upon herself before she passed, rebuilding her reputation and career in the process.
She feels she owes it to Constance to redeem her career and self-respect by proving that she can be an honest and principled journalist. ??As she starts to work her way through the list of names, Kitty encounters a group of seemingly average people who appear to have nothing in common, and she struggles to see why Constance would have such an interest in the story.
 However as their stories develop it becomes apparent to Kitty that, with most people, it’s what is under the surface that counts. ?With only a few weeks until the story deadline, Kitty begins to track down the people on the list and gets to know them; She comes to surprising conclusions about them all. She also finds out a few things about herself and the person she has become along the way. She is changing to a cut-throat Journalist, to someone who writes from the heart. 
I loved this book, it is not a gritty story! Cecelia Ahern writes more of a feel good type of book, the kind of book you want to read by the fire on a cold day, or sat by a pool on Holiday. It only took me a week to read, and it generally takes me ages to read a book. It is a lovely feel good, heart warming story, the type of book that makes you smile. It actually makes you look at people around you in a different way, everybody has a story to tell and this book highlights that. I would definitely recommend it.

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