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Brit Mums Live, Getting To Manchester

When we booked our train to London to visit Brit Mums, Lisa confided to me that she was slightly concerned about traveling around London. I reassured her that traveling in London was not an issue, having lived in Essex and worked in London I am more that competent at finding my way around. 
No what concerned me was getting to Manchester train station in one piece, she looked at me like I was stark raving mad. Yes I love Manchester City for shopping, and nights out but I never drive there!! I drive to Trafford Centre but not Manchester.
Brit Mums Live, Getting To Manchester
Support from Chris Hmmm, I wasn’t driving the train.

My concerns were correct; in fact Lisa may never travel in a car with me again. I took the wrong turning from the motorway. Well it wasn’t wrong, just not a way I knew, poor Lisa was furiously reading the map to keep us on track.

We finally sighed a sigh of relief when we saw the sign for the train station, ‘quick turn here’ Lisa said. I quickly tuned but it was a barrier for the station service area. Then I saw a police car behind us, so I made Lisa get out to ask the police man for directions. However it seems he had followed us for taking a very quick wrong turn, Lisa got a real telling off before he kindly gave us directions to get into the station via the correct entrance. I was shaking we hadn’t even got to London and had been stopped by the police.
Brit Mums Live, Getting To Manchester 
So the moral of today’s story, travel in a car to Manchester with me at your own risk. You may be risking arrest by mistake. Make sure you know where we are going, because I don’t and panic in stressful traffic situations. However I am very good at navigating around London, so make a very handy tour guide if you wish to take me along.

 Lisa in London deserves a post of it’s very own. I laughed so much, but also enjoyed watching the wonder on someone’s face at experiencing the magic of London for the first time. Watch this space. And as for Brit Mums, that was incredible.

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  1. Lisa Moore
    22nd June 2014 / 11:12 am

    And he was old enough to be my son! Fab weekend!

  2. Tom Briggs
    23rd June 2014 / 2:02 pm

    Crikey – that was an eventful start to your BritMums Live experience! Hope the rest of your journey was more straightforward. ๐Ÿ™‚

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