100 Happy Days, Joe’s Opinion of French Lessons, Day 95.

For my 100 Happy Days Today I have Chosen a comment by Joe. On our way to School on Today, Joe announced that if he was ever off sick he would like it to be on a Wednesday as French was on that day. Now in our home you need to be laid up to have a day off. We do not want them to grow up with the attitude that you can stay off school or work for the sake of it. So he surprised me a bit with this comment.

100 Happy Days

I challenged this, explaining that it is good manners to try to speak a little French when in France, and told him I wished I could speak a language. Especially as we like visiting France, it helps to understand the language. He replied with I can order food that’s all I need! 

Ha ha bless him if only life were that simple. Anyway I am now on high alert to sudden illnesses occurring on a Wednesday. And if you ever want to order food in France; then Joe is you Man.

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