100 Happy Days ,Day 94, How the Lambs Have Grown

100 Happy Days ,Day 94, How the Lambs Have Grown,I actually had another idea for day 94 of 100 Happy Days today. But when Toby and I were on our walk these cheeky little fellas started watching us. Toby is totally unaffected by sheep, as he is so used to walking through them. In fact the only interest he plays in them is trying to eat their poo when I am not looking. The dirty little sod! 
Anyway back to the point. I stepped nearer to them to take a closer look and take a photo, all the sheep around them were running off in panic, and these two stepped closer. They were clearly curious and wanted to take a look at Toby. ¬†They have grown so much since I first starting taking photos in March, and really sad to think they will be moved soon. I have so enjoyed watching them grow and get braver and more curious; I would love a pet sheep. I don’t think Chris would agree to it though.
100 Happy Days ,Day 94, How the Lambs Have Grown

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