100 Happy Days, Day 81, My Wonderful Friend Theresa.

For Today, day 81, I thought I would share the text my wonderful friend Theresa sent me today, she won’t mind!!! How thoughtful to spend the time to write this long text just to motivate me. 
There a some wonderful people in the world and I am so lucky that some of them are my closest friends. Theresa I was so lucky the day you knocked for Dawn to play out when we were 10, that day I found one of my closest friends in the world.
I wouldn’t usually share text messages but I thought this one was special and should be shared.
100 Happy Days, Day 81, My Wonderful Friend Theresa.

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  1. Suzanne W
    14th June 2014 / 11:05 am

    Friends like that are worth treasuring 🙂 Lovely text.

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