Week 2, slimming world, The Angel on my Shoulder.

Well another week has passed,

I lost half a pound this week considering my past week I am really happy with that. The lovely thing was even though Lianne had lost more than me she was so supportive of me and my tiny weight loss.
And I made a new discovery this week the Slimming World Hi Fi Light, Rocky Road Bar OMG it is amazing soooo tasty and a total chocolate substitute, in fact I prefer it. And I can have 2 a day wow.

Week 2, slimming world, The Angel on my Shoulder.

I thought I would write about some of the challenges I have faced this week. 

Friday was a big day for challenges and by the time I got to Friday night I did feel quite proud of myself. 

We went shopping to Cheshire Oaks on Friday, and of course a days shopping also means lunch. We chose Pizza Express, Chris was driving, so that means I could have a glass of wine but I surprised myself by ordering diet coke! When it came to order food I was in turmoil, I love Caesar salad but it is a bit of a sheep in wolfs clothing with that delicious sauce, croutons and garlic dough sticks. I really did have to think about this one but again thought of those fluffy wellie socks and ordered the healthy salmon salad. And do you know what it was so tasty. 

Week 2, slimming world, The Angel on my Shoulder.



Then came tea we decided to nip to Roaming Roosters and grab something, we chose spare ribs in BBQ sauce, I knew in the back of my mind they were bad. But when I got home my Slimming World Angel that seemed to be sitting on my shoulder that day made me check the sins. Wow 8-10 per rib, how could I , but I love ribs! I thought maybe eat them and don’t put on my diet sheet. But whom am I lying to? Only myself, so I left Chris and the boys to enjoy the ribs and I had a healthy salmon salad. Yes the ribs looked amazing and when I reach my target I will treat myself, but it didn’t kill me not to have them, and the salad I had was really good.

The Angel on my shoulder was with me when I got up Sunday morning, she ate a healthy lunch with me, and then I have no idea where she went. I will be honest I was quite concerned I may have eaten her by mistake, as from 4 pm it all went pear shaped. We went to friends for dinner and my friend Ruth made a delicious roast beef dinner, cooked with oil. I could see the Angel banging from the inside of the oven door, screaming don’t eat it, but it looked too good. And washed down with all that wine she completely fell out with me. Oops

Week 2, slimming world, The Angel on my Shoulder.



When I woke up on Monday morning she was back thank goodness, I took her for a 2-mile walk to make her feel a bit better but I could tell she was still mad at me! By Tuesday we were back on track and friends again.





What have I learnt this week? It’s ok to go off track if you are positive and get right back on it, yes it may have slowed my weight loss down but we have an active social life, and my Slimming World Angel needs to learn to live with my little social butterfly, yes they may not always see eye to eye but if I want them both in my life, then there are changes I have to make. But going off track on the odd occasion must be dealt with in a; its ok you can pull it round attitude, rather than sod it get me a cream cake.


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