The difficulties of Eating Healthy When Away

We are on our way home after almost a week away, I thought I would blog about the difficulties I have encountered trying to follow slimming world whilst away.
I have had easy days and  some great meals, and some incredibly difficult ones.

The difficulties of Eating Healthy When Away

The problem I have found is although a meal has a description on a menu, when it comes to the actual dish that you receive it can be very different indeed. I ordered a chicken dish in a restaurant the other day that came with mozzarella and tomatoes, however when it came yes it was mozzarella and tomato but loads and loads of mozzarella all melted into the chicken. Now don’t get me wrong it was absolutely delicious, but a touch more unhealthy than I had imagined. I got round it by scrapping most of the cheese off  but had I suffered a weak moment, I would have scoffed the lot.

The difficulties of Eating Healthy When Away

Another problem is, I have yet to come across a restaurant or bar that serves diet lemonade! Some don’t even have soda water. And the one glass of wine I have with my meal; I really want to savor and enjoy. Added Lemonade or soda makes it last longer. 

Then we have service stations, we have just left a service station where Chris and the Boys enjoyed either KFC, or  McDonalds. I, on the other hand had a horrible service station salad.  I am now sat in the car starving , yes I know I have to keep my resolve, and feel I have done my absolute best this week. I can’t  wait to get to  my target  and then allow myself the week off when I am on holiday. I don’t mean gorge like a total pig,  just allow myself  some flexibility.

 The problem is it’s easier and so much cheaper to eat unhealthily when traveling. Being healthy takes an awful lot of planning, at home I have a routine which makes this so much easier.


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