The Beauty of the Wedding Morning

Yesterday I had to be up at 6am, tough for me on a Saturday but somehow I did it. The reason; I was doing the hair for a wedding. I actually stopped doing hair at home when Joe was born. Every time I started to put a colour on he would scream I ended up thinking that doing hair at home was just not worth it, as I was always left dealing with a screaming baby.  

I did the wedding today as a favour to my great friend Louise, it made me realise how much I miss doing wedding hair, this is absolutely the best bit of being a hairdresser. 

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There were 5 bridesmaids to do, the bride and the mother of the bride. Now as Louise was a bridesmaid she was only doing the brides hair and 1 bridesmaid. I was doing the rest. I arrived a bit nervous ridiculous when you think I teach bridal hair, but as soon as I entered the brides’ family home they made me feel at ease.

I had forgotten how wonderful wedding mornings were and what a privilege it is to be part of someone’s wedding morning. Mum and the bride were initially very calm it was lovely to see Mum so proud and enjoying every minute. All the bridesmaids were all excitedly buzzing around organising last minute bits, having their hair done, doing their makeup there was lots of banter but it was lovely to watch as all the girls clearly adored each other and it was all done with love and respect. 

The person I enjoyed observing the most was Dad, you would have thought he was getting married, but I suppose it’s such a huge day for the parents too. He must have mentioned his speech about 20 times or more he was clearly nervous, at one stage he went to his car but had forgotten it wasn’t there but in fact at the wedding venue.

It struck me as a mum of two boys I would never experience this morning for myself! Which although I am thrilled to have 2 wonderful boys made me feel a little sad until Louise reassured me that as Suzie’s (Louise’s daughter) fairy god mother (I like that more than godmother ha ha) I could be involved in her special day. And trust me Louise I will hold you to that promise. I hope I get a lovely daughter in law that let’s me be even a tiny bit involved. That’s if the boys decide to marry. 

Then it struck me that it was nearly 20 years since my special morning with my Mum and Dad and bridesmaids excitedly buzzing around. We have been married 20 years in August wow, Chris is constantly telling me it feels that long, I don’t think it does, I don’t think I can really remember too much of my life without him. It is amazing what a lucky and happy life we have achieved together. If you had have told me my life would have been like it is now on that morning 20 years ago, I would have not dared to dream it would come true. It makes me feel excited for the bride, if she is half as fortunate as we have been she has lots of great times ahead of her. 

I feel so blessed that I was lucky enough to be part of such an important and happy morning of someone’s life. Not many people in life get that honour. Being a bride, getting married should be one of the happiest days of your life, a memory to cherish. And to get to relive that morning, as an observer is just the greatest honour  The only problem is now I want to do more wedding hair. 


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