Slimming world, week 4 over

This week has been tough, I don’t know why I feel like I have worked so hard to follow the plan and tonight put on half a pound!! I did have some pink fizz on Saturday night but apart from that I did think I had tried. I feel I need to share my gains and losses with my blog to keep going and keep motivated, it’s no good just putting the losses on. Janet my consultant was great and offered to go through my food diary with me but I think I know where the error was, when I looked at my food diary the little slips were all there.

Slimming world, week 4 over

First this week I had an issue with my scales, I shouldn’t weigh myself every day but I am just in the habit of doing so! Then on Monday disaster struck I put on half a stone on over night!!! I mean how could I have? Unless I had unwittingly driven to Mc Donald’s in my sleep and eaten 6 Big Mac meals, 4 Mc,flurries  and 7 donuts but I am almost positive I didn’t. Although a Big Mac meal would go down a treat right now. 

So I took action, I bought a new set of digital scales now these made me 2 pounds heavier to what I was at slimming world last week, had I put on weight or were my scales slightly out to the slimming world scales. This dilemma has traumatised me all week , I should never have weighed myself as now I was one of 3 possible weights arghhhh.

Slimming world, week 4 over

Well of course I carried on being good, in fact extra good yet I somehow felt heavier. This caused a craving effect where I wanted to eat everything in sight. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth but I would have eaten my way through a ton of sugar if I could have. It’s almost like I went into survival mode, I felt like a failure in diet despair; so why not just give up? It took me all my strength and willpower to keep going.

I decided to try to make the fake Haribo and fake fudge. The boys loved them and wolfed then down, I ate a few pieces but it felt wrong to eat them! Ridiculous when they are 3 sins per large batch, maybe had I let myself eat more of them I would have gotten over my almost obsessive need to eat sugar.

Slimming world, week 4 over

What have I learnt this week, we’ll for start I am half a pound heavier!!! Grr , but I have bought my new slimming world magazine and am determined to get it right over the next two weeks, one day at a time. My new scales are bang on exact to slimming world’s, however I am going to weigh myself less.

I have decided that yes I need to get it right next week but not to be too hard on myself and just put it down to experience.  I can’t go to group next week so will need to wait two weeks until my next weigh in. I have discovered I love Cherry and Cinnamon tea, I have never like tea but I am getting addicted to this, and I can have sin free meringues, which I made tonight and loved. So chin up Sarah and keep going, I know I can do it.And when I look around the slimming world group it is full of such amazingly committed people who have lost stones and stones, they are motivation to carry on.


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