Slimming World Week 3 Over

Week 3 is over, I am happy that I lost 1.5 pounds this week, so 4.5 in total. In reflection I don’t think I have done too bad.  Every week has given me a new challenge.

 This week we went to friends Saturday night so yes too much wine again, I decided best not to count up all the sins. I was quite good with food; Steve had made a Thai red curry so I was able to eat the chicken and rice, with just a small piece of nan bread.  Pudding was a big box of maltesers to pick at; I was so proud of myself as I only had 1.  I know pathetic but I knew I was going so much over my sins with the wine and champagne that I had to try to be good with food.

I made the slimming world pulled pork on Sunday it tasted so good and is really healthy, it is great if you can discover recipes that taste naughty but are actually very healthy. Just like the slimming world, rocky road hi fi bars I have been eating for breakfast this week, they are so tasty and feel like such a treat. 

The other thing I have loved is Müller light Turkish delight fat free yoghurt, I adore Turkish delight so have looked forward to this at lunch time.

I am enjoying eating healthy and look forward to a healthy lunch of jacket potatoes of salmon with salad, however the days I cook salmon at work everyone goes mad about the smell oops. Slimming world is so easy to follow I have felt like I have eaten loads and have not gone hungry once. The more recipes I learn the easier it will be to follow, as at the moment I am looking up recipes and ensuring I am organising my self with shopping lists to keep my meals healthy.

If I have a weak moment; a second of wanting to eat a chocolate bar I think of my wellie socks and my summer weekend break to Barcelona and remember why I am doing this! To feel more comfortable, and fit into those fluffy wellie socks.


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