Mulberry to Cut it’s Prices ! Oh, and My New Purchase.

Yesterday Chris and I had a day shopping at Cheshire Oaks, I have loads of bargains to blog, but thought this little baby deserved a post of her own, I didn’t intend to go in the Mulberry shop but was drawn in a bit like a magnet. Chris, huffing and sighing behind me. 

I have seen a post on blog by a girl called Carrie; WishWishWish about the Cecily bag that is sooo cute so I decided it would be rude not to look at in the flesh.

The Cecily was beautiful and came in mint green, pastel pink and beige. But I wanted something to go with my jeans, for casual nights out. Then I saw the Petrol blue Daria wrist clutch, I decided this was the bag. Chris did point out I only came in to browse, but he just doesn’t get bag love. Fortunately his phone rang he left the shop to answer the call, meaning I could pay for my purchase in peace.

On the way home he told me he had seen an article in the paper; about how Mulberry were having to lower prices, or introduce bags at a more competitive rate, due to out-pricing lots of it customers. Now I have mostly shopped in the outlet as full price is so inflated, but I remember reading a post on my good friend Donna’s blog at Home is Where the Tart is, about how she felt about prices. So I started to read up on it, and found many articles supporting Chris, From Vogue, The Guardian and the The Telegraph
It basically states that Mulberry Quote (British Former chief executive Godfrey Davis stepped in as executive chairman, and – following criticism the brand has alienated its core customer at home in favour of wealthy overseas shoppers – he today promised to “reinvigorate sales by the introduction of more affordable new product”.”) 

So Yay great news it looks like the price tags are taking a turn in the right direction. Surely this is great for the economy as according to these articles sales in the Uk and States are down and shoppers are finding new brands, thus Mulberry losing some of its core brand loyalty. And 50% of Mulberry Bags are made in the UK in Somerset. As 60% of sales come from the Uk this is fantastic news.


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