I found a suitcase full of clothes !

We had originally booked a cruise for our Holiday, however it all ended in disaster when out cruise port was cancelled. Royal Caribbean were excellent they offered to transfer us to another sailing and on board credit for the inconvenience. But it just did not fit with our plans so we took the decision to cancel. 
Up until us cancelling I had been buying the boys clothes and putting them in a suitcase whenever I saw something nice.

However when we cancelled I completely forgot about the case and the clothes I had been putting away until I got the suitcase out of my wardrobe yesterday, then I remembered. 

Wow what a nice surprise it was full of new shirts and t.shirts. And I mean full, I must have some sort of memory problem, I knew there were some bits in the case but had no idea it was full. I needn’t have bought any more new clothes for the boys this year.

I am putting it down to the fact I was so disappointed we cancelled the cruise that  I just put it out of my mind! Anyway it won’t need to buy the boys any new clothes for quite some time ! Thank goodness I found it whilst it all still fits them.

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