Great British Home Quiz, My Shelfie

This week I took GREAT BRITISH HOME QUIZ the with Victoria Plumb bathrooms to find out my home style. It is part of a home style initiative and actually the result was quite funny. What would your shelfie say about you? Click on the link above to have a go,and win £250 in the process! 

My Results are:

You are Mrs Elegant

Elegant and classy, you just adore period décor and style. You love the classics; subtle wallpaper, dark wood and rich colours. You have a penchant for opulent fabrics and secretly covet a Steinway piano for your living room. You search antiques fairs until you get the perfect piece. At home, your tastes are high-class classics; game pie, roast beef and all the trimmings or a fillet of plaice.

Chris would say that is so true, he is always saying to me if you could me someone out of downtown you would choose Lady Mary, and do you know what he is right I would. I love Downton.

Part of the initiative is a shelfie competition, enter a picture of your favourite shelf in your home and write a short piece about it, so here is my shelfie;

As you can see I love hearts, this shelf is in my hallway where the theme is hearts. The reason; from the first time I saw my house I knew this would one day be my home. From that day it took 6 years we tried to buy it 3 times and for one reason or another had lost it. In that time it had been extended and redesigned twice. Because of its location people were buying to expand for profit and sell not for a home.

I love my house and the warm feeling of love you feel when you walk into it, this shelf represents that. The silver heart vase is from next and the first thing I bought for the house. The wooden love sign has birds on it; I love birds and also have the blue hanging bird that I bought from a family trip to center parcs. 
Every time I look at that little bird it reminds me of the fantastic family break there for my god daughter Ashlee,s 18th birthday.

The blue fish tin we bought in Naples and again looking at this lovely tin takes me right back to the hot sunny day we spent in Naples. 

I love Yankee candles and always like to have one burning, if I am honest I chose this one for the colour but its smell is beautiful too; It smells of the seaside. Bit salty and woody it’s lovely.

The jar of pine cones have been collected by the boys, every country walk or autumn break we have been on, the boys have collected a cone for the jar it is a bit of a tradition, would you believe we also have a pebble one. We have so many funny little traditions, and all those wonderful memories in one little jar.

So there it is, I have actually surprised myself. I did not realise all the beautiful memories we have on that one shelf. My shelfie, and you know what I love it even more now.


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